Professional Underwater Liability Insurance

You can sign up for a new Underwater Individual Liability Insurance policy or renew an existing policy by using the on-line application form. Payments can be made using Visa or Master Card.

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The following is a summary of the coverage available – a formal Policy will be provided upon receipt and acceptance of your premium and application by our broker, Willis North America.


$1,000,000 any one claim / $2,000,000 annual aggregate

Term of Insurance

The policy issued will apply to claims made against the insured during the Term of Insurance stated on the policy declaration page. All policies run from 12:01 a.m. on the day issued for a 12 month period. Excluded are claims resulting from incidents that may have occurred prior to the effective date of the policy unless retroactive coverage is provided (See "Prior Acts" below).


Coverage is worldwide regardless of where suit is filed.

Prior Acts

The SDI/TDI/ERDI program provides retroactive coverage for claims arising from "prior acts" occurring in prior insured years providing there has been no interruption of coverage. The specific retroactive date applying to each individual insured shall be as noted on the Policy issued to that insured. There is no coverage provided for Claims arising from incidents occurring prior to the specific retroactive noted on the Policy.


Pays on behalf of the insured all sums which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as damages arising out of any act, error or omission arising from the insured's teaching and/or supervising of Sport Diving activities as sanctioned by the training association, up to the limit of liability indicated on the actual policy.


The insurer shall defend any suit brought against an insured for acts covered by a valid Policy.

Definition of Insured

The insured is the Policy holder who may be an instructor, assistant instructor, dive master, sustaining instructor, or other membership category.

Notice of Cancellation

30 days written notice is required for cancellation by the insurer except for non-payment of premium.

Notice of Claim, Suit or Incident

The insured is required to provide our broker, Willis North America, with written notice of any accident, act, error or omission that might lead to a claim.


The warranties are listed on the insurance application and form part of any policy issued.


Included are the usual exclusions in reference to punitive damages, employees, automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, property, equipment failure (product liability) and all commercial activities such as, but not limited to, salvage, underwater welding, repair and maintenance. Coverage for activities that exceed normal parameters (i.e. depths in excess of 130 feet, breathing gases other than normal air and Nitrox, use of other than open circuit SCUBA or semi-closed re-breathers) is also excluded, but is available to qualified individuals under the Optional Technical Coverage extension.


There are no deductibles.

Discovery Period

This insurance applies to claims arising from events occurring during the term of insurance and made against the insured during the term of insurance and reported within 90 days immediately following expiration of the policy.


This insurance is available to all Diving Professionals holding active status credentials with SDI/TDI/ERDI. Coverage is provided for all sanctioned activities as noted in the Policy issued to each insured.

Additional Insured

The coverage provided under the program is extended to provide vicarious liability coverage to any retail dive facility, dive vessel, educational institution, marina, government entity, municipality, swimming pool facility, property owner, dive resort, hotel or motel from which the insured operates. As Additional Insured coverage is provided automatically, you do not need to provide a list with this application.

Should you have additional insured that require formal proof of coverage, we will add them by specific endorsement at no charge upon receipt of your request.